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Managing Support Staff

This plugin is optimized and can be used by a single user or a company who has dedicated support staff where employees are categorised under different departments and support certain products.

To add your support staff

  1. Create agent accounts on your WordPress website with any role you prefer for them based on the admin access you want to give to your staff.
  2. Once you have created different accounts, you can browse to CSSJockey >> SupportEzzy >> Manage Support Staff and select all support agents under Support Staff multi-select box.
  3. Once you have added and saved the settings, click on Assign Departments & Products link and you will be presented with the list of all agents with a multi-dropdown to select all or specific departments and products for each of them.
  4. Make sure you save settings after changing each agent and agents will be assigned the support department and product which will determine what tickets will be assigned to them.

What if I don’t add anyone under support staff?

Pretty straight forward.
You are the admin/owner, so you will be automatically added as a support agent and assigned all departments and products. Your business, your responsibility 😉