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Introduction & Configuration

With this plugin you can enable New tickets, comments and replies to tickets via email. Once you enable email piping under CSSJockey >> SupportEzzy >> App Settings you can specify your email addresses for all or specific departments. Any emails sent to specified email address will be saved as new ticket and assigned to the staff member based on his department and product allocation. Any replies to the ticket emails will be added as comments from both clients and support staff.

To make it pretty simple, we have configured this plugin to fetch emails from IMAP server and process these according to their status. There’s no cron jobs involved in the process so fetching is done once ANYONE visits your website or use the support app installed on your website.


  1. php_imap extension must be installed on your server.

Activation & Configuration

  1. Browse to CSSJockey >> SupportEzzy >> App Settings and choose Email Piping under Communication.
  2. Once enabled, you can specify your email addresses for all or specific departments under CSSJockey >> SupportEzzy >> Imap Configuration menu item.