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PopUp Options Overview

Once you create a new Pop-up or edit an existing one you can edit the following options.

Pop-Up Title
This is for admin use only to identify the kind of pop-up. This is same as the post or page title.

Pop-Up Content
Here you can specify any content, images or shortcodes to be displayed within the popup.

Here you can specify raw HTML, CSS and Javascript code to be displayed within the popup. If you specify Raw HTML, Pop-Up Content will be overwritten and Raw HTML will be displayed.

Pop-Up Options

  1. Show On:
    You can choose to display this Pop-Up on all pages or any specific pages matched with the specified Urls under Page Urls.
  2. Page Urls:
    If you choose to show a Pop-Up on specific pages, you need to specify each Url per line for this option.
  3. PopUp Type:
    You can choose to display a pop-up as a
    1. Bar at top, Bar at bottom
    2. Box on top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right
    3. Full height panel on left of right
    4. Modal box
  4. Show backdrop:
    You can choose to display a Pop-Up backdrop, the transparent black background which shows behind the Pop-Up
  5. Delay in Seconds:
    Here you can specify number of seconds a Pop-Up should wait before show up.
  6. Start Animation:
    You can choose an animation style from a long list of available animations when this pop-up show up.
  7. End Animation:
    Similar to start animation, you can choose an animation style when a user hits the close button.
  8. Cookie expires in (days):
    When a user click the close button, a cookie will be saved to restrict this popup to show again for the same user. You can specify the number of days when the cookie to hide this pop-up will expire.
  9. Startdate & Enddate:
    You can specify start and end date and time for a pop-up. If specified, the pop-up will only display within the specified time.
  10. Bind onClick event:
    You can bind a Pop-Up to show only when a user click a button or a link. You need to specify a class name as .classname or an ID as #idname and specify this classname or id name to any HTML element.
  11. Pop-Up Styles:
    For each pop-up you can define its background color, text color and link color.
  12. Content Padding:
    Here you can specify padding in pixels for the content container.
  13. Width:
    Here you can specify width in pixels or percentage for the pop-up or you can leave blank to use default value as per plugin. e.g. 100% or 300px