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Create or Manage Content Placeholders

You can create and manage content placeholders by logging into your WordPress Admin Dashboard under CSSJockey >> Placeholders >> Manage Placeholders.

On this screen you will see all your saved content placeholders and a button Add New to create new placeholder.

Manage Placeholders


Add New Placeholder

On the above screen, click Add New button and you will see this form to create a new content placeholder.

Add new Placeholder

On this screen, Specify Placeholder Title to identify this new placeholder and default content which will be displayed to all users only if you don’t specify any variables on next screen.

Add Content Variables

On this screen, you can add unlimited content variables and specify following fields for each variable:

  1. Variable Name:
    Specify a variable name to identify this variable.
  2. Content Type (HTML or Shortcode):
    You can add any valid HTML, CSS and JS code within the content box and also use any available WordPress shortcodes within this content.
  3. User Roles:
    You can choose to display the variable content only to selected user roles or all users.
  4. Content:
    Actual content or shortcode to be displayed based on the author role.
  5. Order:
    If you assign more than one variable for same user role, Variable content will be displayed in ascending order.

Once you are done creating placeholders use the shortcode displayed on Manage Placeholders screen to call it on any page, post or sidebar widget.