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Process Payment Shortcode

This plugin automates the payment processing via PayPal and this shortcode does it all. Any user who chooses to subscribe to any of your package by clicking the subscription link generated by Subscription Link Shortcode, this page will be displayed before they are redirected to PayPal website for payment.

This shortcode will process and prepare package information to be sent to PayPal for the payment. If any coupon code is applied to the package, this shortcode will display a form to collect valid coupon code, process the discount and send the user to PayPal website for payment.

Shortcode with generic content:

You can specify any content above or below this shortcode as per your requirements, this shortcode will only generate a button and you can choose to modify the button text and css class.

Shortcode Parameters:

button_text : You can specify custom button text as per the content you write on this page.
button_class : You can specify a custom button class as per your theme css.

Shortcode Generator

You can use our Shortcode Generator to easily specify parameters and insert this shortcode on any page while editing a page or post.

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PHP Code

If you are a developer or creating your own WordPress theme, you can call this shortcode via following PHP code: