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Affiliate Dasboard

This is a very powerful shortcode, as it handles almost everything for the Affiliate Dashboard. You can use this shortcode on your affiliate program page which will server the following purpose:

  1. If a user is logged in and has not signed up for the affiliate program, this will render a form for affiliate signup. If a user is not logged in to the site, this shortcode will render a button to login page with a redirect Url query string to bring the user back to affiliate dashboard page.
  2. Once a logged in user join the affiliate program by submitting their payout email address and choose the payment method. This shortcode will render monthly/yearly reports for the affiliate to track his referrals, sales, commissions earned and payout status.


Shortcode parameters

login_button_text : You can specify custom login link text.
button_class : You can specify a custom css class for this link as per your theme styles.

Shortcode Generator

You can use our Shortcode Generator to easily specify parameters and insert this shortcode on any page while editing a page or post.

Affiliate Dashboard Shortcode

PHP Code

If you are a developer or creating your own WordPress theme, you can call this shortcode via following PHP code: