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Adding Discount Coupons

This plugin comes with in-built discount coupons setup. You can easily add or remove discount coupons from any package and also specify a time range for this coupon validity. To add or manage discount coupons, you can browse to CSSJockey Menu >> Paid Content >> Content Packages >> Discount Coupons.

Discount Coupons

  1. Select a package on which you want to apply discount coupon.
  2. Specify a unique coupon code.
  3. Specify discount percentage in number format.
  4. Specify start date and end date for the coupon validity.
  5. Set the status for the coupon between Active and Inactive.

How it works?

While paying for the package, users will be provided an option to add discount coupon. If they supply a valid coupon, they will get the specified discount while they pay for the package on PayPal website.