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Managing Subscriptions

This plugin allows you to add or remove user packages from the backend. If you want to add user subscription without charging them anything via PayPal for the package or you may have received the money via wire transfer or any other medium, You can add a subscription for a package for specific user. Similarly, if you want to remove any package from specific user profile, you can simply deny access to the paid content from this page.

Manage Subscriptions

Adding User Subscription

Its pretty easy to add a user subscriptions from this page, just select the user you want to give a package subscription and then select a package from the drop down menu. You can also specify end date for the package validity.

Removing User Subscription

If you want to deny access to paid package content for any user, you can do so on this page. Select the user and click Show User Package button. On next screen you will have an option to remove user package. Once package subscription for a user is removed, they will no longer have any access to the paid content.