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Creating Content Packages

This plugin allows you to choose various content types within a package. A paid content package can have certain pages, categories, post tags, post types and taxonomies. To create a new package, you can browse to CSSJockey Menu >> Content Packages >> Manage Content Packages and click Add New Package button.

Create Content Package

Here’s an explanation for each option available on this page:

Package Info

  1. Package ID:
    Package ID will be generated automatically to avoid any conflicts.
  2. Package Name:
    You can choose a unique name for the new package.
  3. Package Description:
    You can specify a few words or keywords about this package.
    NOTE: This is for admins only and not displayed to user anywhere.

Package Billing Cycle

  1. Package Billing Cycle:
    Here you can specify billing cycle for this package. You can choose between paid only once, every day, every week, every 15 days, every month and so on. Please check this drop down box for all options.
  2. Package Price:
    Here you can specify package cost which will be charged as per the billing cycle.

Package Trial Period

  1. Package Trial Period:
    You can choose to enable or disable a trial period for this package.
  2. Package Trial Duration:
    You can specify the number of days for the trial period, as soon as these days are over, users will not have access to paid content unless they pay for the subscription.
  3. Package Trial Cost:
    You can even charge a small amount for the trial period, this way you’ll have serious users trying your service.

Page Setup

  1. Each package requires two pages to be specified. Thank You page and Cancel Page. Users will be redirected to thank you page once they pay for the subscription and if they choose to cancel the transaction on PayPal website, they will be redirected to cancel page as specified here.

Package Content

Selected pages, categories, tags, taxonomies etc. will be available only to paid users and users signed up for package trial period.

  1. Pages: You can choose certain pages to be included within this package.
  2. Categories: You can choose certain categories to be included within this package and all posts within these categories will be available only to paid members.
  3. Post Tags: You can even specify and use post tags to be included within this package and any post with paid tag will only be available to paid members.
  4. Post Types: If your theme or any other plugin allows custom post types, these will be available within this list and you can choose any post types content available only to paid members.
  5. Taxonomies: Same goes for taxonomies, You can select any taxonomies and all posts within these taxonomies will only be available to paid members.