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General Setup

This plugin comes with a lot of options which you can manage from CSSJockey Menu >> Configuration >> General Configuration. Please read complete details below this image.

General Setup


Here’s a list and detailed information about general configuraiton opitons for this plugin.

  1. Restrict trial sign-ups per IP address:
    You can choose to disable or enable multiple trial sign-ups based on IP address. If disabled, user will not be able to sign-up for trial account from same IP address.
  2. Restricted Content Messages:
    You can choose to display a custom message to users who have not paid for the subscription package and tries to browse paid content.
  3. Content Preview:
    You can choose a number of characters of the paid content to be displayed before the restricted message to give an overview of what’s available.
  4. Customize Email Headers:
    You can choose from name and from email address to deliver custom email messages.
  5. Customize welcome e-mail message:
    You can customize email message sent to users when they sign up for any subscription and use following variables within the email message:

    %%display_name%% will be replaced with the user display name or default to User.
    %%package_name%%will be replaced with the package name specified while creating the package.