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Affiliate Program Setup

This plugin comes with an in-built affiliate program setup which you can use to spread word about your content packages by paying publishers some commissions. Its pretty easy to setup the affiliate program and there are various customization options available.

You just need to configure the following screen and use available shortcodes for affiliate sign-up, affiliates dashboard and reports.

To set up and configure affiliate program you can browse to CSSJockey Menu >> Paid Content >> Configuration >> Affiliate Program Setup.


Here’s a detail explanation of each option available on this page:

Affiliate Sign In

  1. Login Redirection:
    Since a user has to register to your website to join the affiliate program you can specify a custom login url to redirect them when they access affiliate dashboard page. If you are using our Front-end Membership Modules Plugin you can specify the login url you have specified under plugin settings.

Commissions & Payouts Setup

  1. Commission Payouts
    You can choose if your affiliates will get commission only once by selling your subscriptions or they will be paid every month till the sold subscription expires.
  2. Commission Percentage
    You can specify commission percentage for each sale your affiliates will make.
  3. Commission Payout Methods
    You can choose PayPal or Wire Transfer ( for commission payouts.
  4. Payout Method Heading
    This will be included above the select payout method form generated via the affiliate shortcode.
  5. Select Payout Methods Content
    This will be included above the select payout method form generated via the affiliate shortcode.

Email messages

  1. Email Message Headers
    You can specify email from name and email address for all emails sent via this plugin to affiliates on different actions.
  2. Commission Payout Email Subject & Message
    You can easily customize commission payout email subject and email message from this page and can use below variables within email message.
    %%display_name%% will be replaced by referer display name.
    %%commission_amount%% will be replaced by the commission amount with currency symbol.
    %%site_name%% will be replaced by the site name saved under General Settings.

Exclude packages from affiliate program

By default all Packages are eligible for the affiliate commissions. You  can select some packages you would like to exclude from the affiliate program on this page.