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Using Shortcode Generator

This plugin comes with various shortcodes that can be used by our All In One Shortcode Generator. While editing any post or pages you will see CSSJockey logo iconĀ in the WYSIWYG editor.


Once you click this icon a new panel will show up with our All In One Shortcode Generator. All shortcodes from all our products will be listed in this panel which will help you use these shortcodes easily and from single place.

CSSJockey Shortcode Generator

First dropdown will list all our products and once a product is selected on this dropdown, the second dropdown will list all available shortcodes for that product.

For this plugin, you will need to select Membership Modules in the first dropdown and then choose the shortcode you would like to use in the second dropdown menu.

Once you select the shortcode in second dropdown menu you will see various options for the selected shortcode. Change the values as per your requirements and click Insert Shortcode button. This will add the shortcode in the WYSIWYG editor where you have placed the cursor before initiating our All in One Shortcode Generator.