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Upgrade Log & Up-coming features

** Upcoming features **

  1. Paid Registrations, Users must pay before registrations
  2. Notification emails/newsletters to registered users
  3. Multiple Registration forms
  4. Enhanced User Profile Page
  5. Members Page

** Version 1.4.2 ** (CURRENTLY SUPPORTED)

  1. Fixed ajax login redirect issue
  2. Fixed user_role function to return correct user role on site
  3. Fixed role based dashboard access
  4. Added custom redirect option to page links shortcode
  5. Added a new shortcode to delete user’s own account
  6. Fixed frontend form checkbox, radio buttons to cater links e.g. terms and conditions
  7. Added custom form fields to bbPress edit profile page
  8. Fixed custom avatars to work with WordPress comments, bbPress Forums
  9. Fixed SSL Url issues for all shortcodes and functions

** Version 1.4.1 **

  1. Fixed a few small bugs and compatibility issues

** Version 1.0.4 **

  1. Added Woocommerce Integration
  2. Added Ajax validation for forms
  3. Added Login & Register forms in pop-up/modal box
  4. Added Password strength meter on registration form
  5. Removed option to send password via email, security fix
  6. Added feature to send new user registration notification email to admin
  7. Fixed reset password key issue for existing users while password recovery
  8. Added Full website restriction except auth pages for visitors
  9. Added feature to redirect users to a custom Url after Social Connect

** Version 1.03 ** (CURRENTLY SUPPORTED)

  1. Social Media OAuth library replaced from opauth to HybridAuth to include more features and bug fixes.

** Version 1.02 **

  1. Fixed issues reported by users.
  2. Fixed cjfm_user_meta shortcode
    New attribute meta_key implemented instead of key to resolve the conflict.
  3. Fixed translation issues
  4. Fixed multiple checkbox issue
  5. Fixed reset password confirmation key issue
  6. Optimized for WordPress multisite install
  7. Verified and optimized the code for required checkboxes

** Version 1.01 **

  1. Initial release