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Registration Form Shortcode

One of the main feature of this plugin is to enable new user registration from website front-end. With this plugin you can enable new user registration from any page and sidebar widget.

With this plugin you can:

  1. Customize registration form fields
  2. Change default WordPress registration process to allow only approved users or enable Invitation only registrations.
  3. Enable email verification for new account registration.
  4. Handle password generation for new users.
  5. Customize registration email messages.
  6. Disable default WordPress login and registration pages.

Display Registration Form

Once you configure this plugin as per your requirements, you can use the following shortcode to display the custom registration form on any page, post and sidebar text widget.

Shortcode Parameters:

User will be redirected to this Url after successful registration.
(Default: Homepage)

You can specify custom text for the submit button displayed on the registration form.
(Default: Create new account)

You can specify custom CSS classes for the submit button displayed on the registration form.
(Default: Can be changed from the plugin settings.)

You can specify custom CSS class for the form container, if you wish to use your own CSS for the form styles.

Using Shortcode Generator

You can use our Shortcode Generator to easily specify parameters and insert this shortcode on any page while editing a page or post.


Display registration form in template files

If you are a developer or creating your own WordPress theme, you can call this shortcode via following PHP code: