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Page Links Shortcode

When you configure this plugin, you specify pages where you have placed the shortcodes for login, register, edit profile form etc. This shortcode creates a link to these pages and always keep updated values specified under CSSJockey >> Membership Modules >> Configuration >> Page Setup.

We recommend to use this shortcode instead of using hard links for the specified pages, because this shortcode will always return the link to specified page selected in Page Setup plugin settings page and you don’t need to update the links on your website if you change the pages in future.

Shortcode Parameters:

Select the page for which you would like to generate the link.
 : Generate the link for login page.
page_register : Generate the link for register page.
page_reset_password : Generate the link for reset password page.
page_profile : Generate the link for edit user profile page.
page_logout : Generate the link for logout page.

Specify the link text for the anchor tag.

You can choose to open the link in same or new window or tab.
: Opens the link in same window.
_blank : Opens the link in new window or tab.

Using Shortcode Generator

You can use our Shortcode Generator to easily specify parameters and insert this shortcode on any page while editing a page or post.


Use page links shortcode in template files

If you are a developer or creating your own WordPress theme, you can call this shortcode via following PHP function: