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Logout Shortcode

This plugin comes with two logout options.

  1. Logout the user and redirect them to specified redirect Url.
  2. Display a custom message on logout page and provide a button to logout of the site.

Once you configure this plugin as per your requirements, you can use the following shortcode on logout page.

Note: This shortcode should be used only on a page. With direct logout option selected the user will be logged out of the site as soon as the page loads and will be redirected to specified redirect Url. Invalid usage of this shortcode may result in Redirect loop error.

Logout Shortcode

Shortcode Parameters:

User will be redirected to this Url after successful logout.
(Default: Login page specified under Page Setup plugin settings page)

You can choose to display a custom message with logout button or directly logout a user.
: User will be logout and redirected to the specified redirect_url.
message: Content between the shortcode will be displayed to the user with logout button.

This will replace the submit button text.
(Default: Login)

You can specify custom CSS classes for the submit button displayed on the registration form.
(Default: Can be changed from the plugin settings.)

You can specify custom CSS class for the form container, if you wish to use your own CSS for the form styles.

Using Shortcode Generator

You can use our Shortcode Generator to easily specify parameters and insert this shortcode on any page while editing a page or post.


Use logout feature in template files

If you are a developer or creating your own WordPress theme, you can call this shortcode via following PHP function: