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Installation & Activation

There are two main ways to upload CSSJockey Membership Modules WordPress Plugin on your server:

Method 1: Via the built in WordPress Plugin uploader

  1. First you need to unzip the downloaded file and you will find file in upload folder.
  2. Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins >> Add new admin menu. You will see an Upload link just below Install Plugins heading.
  3. On Upload screen tab click Choose File button and select file and then click Install Now button. This will upload and unzip the plugin files under wp-content/plugins folder on your web server.
  4. WordPress will ask you to Activate the installed plugin after successful upload. Incase, you miss that screen, you can find CSSJockey Membership Modules listed on Plugins page in WordPress dashboard. You can click activate the plugin.

NOTE: Sometimes, some servers can’t handle a whole plugin upload, so in such cases you will have to upload the plugin via FTP.

Method 2: Uploading the plugin via FTP client

If you know the FTP login details of the server where you site is hosted and you have the FTP client installed, you might consider using this way to upload the plugin on your server. If you are not sure about this process, please refer to your web host support articles on using FTP to upload files.

  1. First you need to unzip the downloaded file and you will find file in upload folder.
  2. Then you need to unzip and you will see a new folder cj-membership-modules in the unzipped location.
  3. Connect to your web server via the FTP client of your choice and browse to WordPress Installation folder >> wp-content >> plugins folder under server files panel.
  4. Locate cj-membership-modules folder in the local files panel and upload the complete folder under plugins folder on your web server.
  5. Once the upload is complete, login to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins menu page. You will see CSSJockey Membership Modules listed on this page.
  6. Click Activate link and this plugin should be activated.

NOTE: This plugin is WordPress 3.0 and higher compatible, so please make sure you have the latest version of WordPress installed.