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Customize Email Messages

There are various instances when this plugin send email messages to the User or Administrator. You can easily customize these email messages under CSSJockey >> Membership Modules >> Customization >> Customize Email Messages and use variables (%%variable%%) to include user and website data within the email message.

On this page you can customize the following:

  1. Specify email headers like From Name, From Email Address and Signature
  2. Welcome email sent once the user account is successfully created.
  3. Approved account email notification if “Approval Required” registration type is used.
  4. Invitation link email message if “Invitation Only” registration type is used.
  5. Email messages sent to the user while reset password process.
  6. You will find a list of variables that can be used in the email messages to include user or site data.

Customize Email Variables (From Name, From Email Address and Signature)


Here you can specify the email headers and change the sender name and email address for all outgoing emails. You can also specify default signature which can be included in the email messages with %%signature%% variable.

Customizing Registration Emails


On this page, You will find a section where you can modify all emails sent to the user by this plugin while registration process. Welcome email sent when the account is successfully created, If you choose one of our custom registration types you can customize the email messages for approved account or invitation link email messages here.

Customize Reset Password Email Message


Here you can modify the email messages sent to the user while reset password process and include variables to customize the message with user or website data.

Customizing Email Messages with User or Site specific Variables


Here’s a list of variables that can be used within the email messages to add user or site data in the email messages.