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Customize Form Fields

With this plugin you can include a lot of custom fields in Registration Form, Edit Profile Form and Invitation Request Form. You can manage custom form fields underĀ CSSJockey >> Membership Modules >> Customization >> Custom Form Fields.

All custom form fields data will be saved in wp_usermeta table.


By default a few form fields are added by the system and you cannot remove these as these fields with their unique ID are required by WordPress to process user data. However, you can modify the sort order, descriptions, labels and visibility based on the field.

Adding New Fields

You can add a number of available custom fields by clicking the Add New Field button on this page. Once you click this link, you will be presented with a drop down menu to select a field type to add in the forms.


Available custom field options which you can choose from are:

  1. Standard Form Fields
    – Textbox (Single Line)
    – Textarea (Multi-line)
    – Dropdown List (Single selection)
    – Multi-Dropdown (Multiple selection)
    – Radio Buttons
    – Checkboxes
  2. WordPress Default Fields
    – First Name
    – Last Name
    – Display Name
    – Website Url
    – AIM
    – Yahoo IM
    – Jabber / Google Talk
    – Biographical Info
  3. Address Fields
    – Address Line 1
    – Address Line 2
    – City
    – State
    – Zip Code
    – Country (drop down of all countries)
  4. Social Media Fields
    – Facebook Profile Url
    – Twitter Profile Url
    – Google+ Profile Url
    – Youtube Url
    – Vimeo Url
  5. Content Fields
    – Heading
    – Paragraph
    – Custom HTML

Each of these field type has its own unique settings which you can update after you select the field and click Continue button on this screen.

Adding Facebook Profile Url field

For example we choose Facebook Profile Url field and click Continue button. The next screen displayed will look like this:



Here you can specify options for this field type.

This will be used as the textbox label for this field.

Specified text in this box will be displayed below the textbox.

Sort Order
You can specify where in the form this field should be displayed.

You can choose Yes, if this field is required otherwise select No for optional field.

Show on Profile Page
You can choose this field to be displayed on edit profile form.

Show on Register Page
You can choose this field to be displayed on register form.

Show on Invitation Form
You can choose this field to be displayed on invitation form.
Read more about Invitation Only registration type here.

Once you have specified the field options you can click the Add New Field button and this field will be listed in the Custom Form Fields page and this field will be added to the selected forms as specified in the field settings.

Updating Sort Order for all Fields

On Custom Form Fields page you can change the number under Order tab and click the Update Sort Order button to change the sort order for all fields at once.