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Configure Registration Type

This plugin comes with two additional ways including normal registration a user can register on your WordPress website.

  1. Approvals Required for Registrations
  2. Invitation Only Registrations
  3. Normal Registration (Similar to the default way used by WordPress to create a new user)

You can configure Registration Type under CSSJockey >> Membership Modules >> Configuration >> Basic Configuration menu.

Approvals Required Registration Type

With this registration type, When a user create an account on your website, all new user information is stored in a temporary database table and admin will receive an email to check the new registration approval request information.


A new menu item “Approve Accounts” will be added to the plugin settings page dropdown menu. Here you can see new registrations awaiting Approved or Declined response with user information provided at the time of registration.


As an Admin you can choose to approve or decline the registration request based on your setup or allowed registration criteria.

If the user try to create an account with same email address or username while his information is under review, he will receive a notification to wait till his application is reviewed and he won’t be able to submit the registration form again.

If his account is approved, a new user account will be created and a welcome email will be sent with his login information. Information from temporary database will be removed and all user information will be saved in wp_users and wp_usermeta tables.

If his account is declined, Admin will be provided with a WYSIWYG editor to customize the declined email message sent to the user.


Once declined, user will receive the above mentioned email and all information will be removed from the database tables.

Invitation Only Registration Type

Once you select this registration type, a new menu “Invitations” will be added to the plugin settings dropdown menu bar.


This menu has two sub-menus to configure and process invitation requests.

  1. Basic Configuration
    Here you can you can choose to display a form to Request an Invitation instead of main registration form. You can also specify a custom message to be displayed above the Invitation Request form.
  2. Invitations
    Here you can approve or decline the invitation requests.

If invitation request is approved, an email will be sent to the user email address with a unique link to create a new account. With that unique link, the user can fill in the registration form and create an account. Once the account is created, the link will expire and an invalid link message will be displayed to the user.

If invitation request is declined, admin will be presented with a WYSIWYG editor to customize the email message to be sent to the user. All temporary information will be removed from the database tables.