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CSSJockey Add-ons Plugin Overview

We all know that WordPress has gained a lot of popularity in last few years and this number one CMS is being used on most of the websites spread all over the internet. This powerful CMS is flexible enough that we can modify almost anything on the backend and frontend.

CSSJockey Add-ons is NOT just another plugin in the crowd which enables a few features or shortcodes to make our life easier. This plugin enables a lot of options from the WordPress admin dashboard to manage your WordPress website backend and frontend easily. This plugin comes with a lot of free and premium extensions (known as add-ons) to extend the functionality and usability even further. Once you install this plugin on your WordPress website, you can choose to enable or disable each add-on and balance the load on your server, instead of finding and using different plugins for different features even its a small piece of code.

Once you use this plugin and think of a new feature that can be useful for many of us, just drop in your idea in our support forums and we’ll try and include it in future upgrades.

Documentation for each add-on and in-built functions/options can be found by using the navigation on left hand side.